Hemigrammus Bleheri - Rummy Nose Tetra

With their striking red head, the rummy nose tetra is a real asset to any aquarium. The schooling behavior of these fish is a lot of fun and if you have a long aquarium they will swim back and forth together making it a lot of fun to watch them. The photos show them with a slightly less red head, but in reality they just have a beautiful red nose!

Quick Info:

  • Food: Omnivore

  • Family: Hemigrammus

  • Behaviour: Community Tank

  • Aquarium size cm: 60 - 100

  • KH: 3-5

  • GH: 5-7

  • pH: 6 - 7

  • Temp ºC: 22 - 28

  • Alternative Name: Rummy Nose Tetra

Price: €2,49 each or 6 for €12,49

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